The Clinical Institute at St. Joseph Hospital is a vehicle to develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to ensure delivery of best practice medicine to patients.

Current Clinical Institute Initiatives


Team  Leaders Initiatives

Women's Health

Lily Ramirez-Boyd, M.D. 1) Inductions
Marc (Tony) Zepeda, M.D.

Critical Care Amir Ghiassi, M.D.
James Roum, M.D.      
1) Pneumonia
2) Anemia Screen
              2) Sepsis
3) Reducing mortality

Surgical Care

Hisham El-Bayar, M.D.   

1) VTE prophylaxis
  John Harris, M.D.

2) Peri-Anesthesia Measures
3. Surgical Site Infection Prevention

Primary Care Inpatient        

Brian Boyd, M.D.
Roger Chang, M.D.

1) Behavioral Health
2) Envirionmental Associated
    Infection Prevention

3) Stroke
4) End of life care

Primary Care Outpatient    

Susan Ban, M.D.
Lawrence Ehrlich, D.O.

1) Heart failure
2) Hepatitis B
4) Ophthalmology                

Cancer Care

James Padova, M.D.
Lawrence Wagman, M.D.

1) Malignant Pleural Effusions

Behavioral Health

Himisiri De Silva, M.D.
Vinayak Shanbhag, M.D.

1) Intake